Entertainment during a cold

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Last week both Beng and my brother caught a cold, and despite my valiant effort at staying healthy by downing 1000mg of Vitamin C every day, I caught the bug from them. After attending my personal training session on Saturday, it quickly went from slight fatigue to sore throat, then it’s all downhill from there.

Thanks to the combo of muscle ache and the usual symptoms of a cold, I was pretty much KO’ed till yesterday. For 3+ days I did nothing but sleep and watch anime. Ever since I learned that Bleach was going into its last arc (sob!) I started searching for a new anime to follow. Given my priorities when it comes to anime/manga–the drawing style–it was really difficult to find one that fits. Much to my amusement a lot of them share a common theme–supernatural powers, 15-year old teenagers, and demons. Some have interesting storyline, but the drawing styles were just way too cute. Granted, I’m biased towards Kubo Tite’s style, but I didn’t expect it to be so hard to find one that’s similar.

After much searching, I picked Ao no Exorcist a.k.a Blue Exorcist. Interesting premise…it’s about a 15-year old boy (what did I tell you?) who discovered that he’s the son of Satan, and how he fought against his heritage and became an exorcist instead. I found the protagonist (Okumura Rin) to share the same traits as Ichigo–disdain for rules, hot-headedness, and strong desire to protect friends. I guess that’s what Japanese kids want to be? The anime is very short with only 25 episodes, and oddly does not  follow the storyline of the manga, which is still ongoing apparently. I’m quite disappointed by how the anime ended, so I’m going to check out the manga, which is more highly reviewed. But don’t get me wrong, it’s a really good story and the drawing is beautiful, I just didn’t like the ending.

I also saw an episode of D.Gray Man (what’s up with the name??) and Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō Tō (what a mouthful!), both also about teenagers and demons. I like the drawing style of Tokyo Majin, but boy it was the most confusing thing I’ve ever seen. The first 3 episodes felt like they’re completely unrelated to each other, and there’s no explanation of how they got their powers, nor what their power really is. For now I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and continue for a few more episodes and see if it improves. D.Gray Man‘s pilot episode was so-so, I’m not too impressed by the drawing style.

So, I’m still on the hunt for one that wows me. In the meantime I’ll continue to be a loyal fan of Bleach and Detective Conan.

And speaking of Bleach, the second official character book, MASKED, is finally being released in English! I’ve been waiting for ages! As soon as I saw it posted on Amazon I placed a pre-order. It’s said to be released on March 6th, I can’t wait!

Also, still speaking of Bleach, I finally caved and bought the 2012 Japan-edition calendar from yesasia.com. It’s like 95% posters 5% calendar really. I was hoping the price will drop further since it’s now February, but no luck. I’m sooo glad I ordered it when I did though, because the very next day, the item is no longer available on yesasia.com. I guess I got the last one!

Well, I’m glad that I had these as entertainment while I’m recovering from my cold, because it’s super boring otherwise. It feels like it’s not going to go away 100% until a few more days, but at least my muscle ache is mostly gone and I can sit down without wincing now.


Bleach Concept Covers!!!

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As I was browsing for Bleach ending and opening themes last night, I came across an album that was released last December called Bleach Concept Covers. It’s an album where the Japanese voice actors sing some of the opening and ending themes from the anime! I nearly had a heart attack from sudden happiness right then and there!

Not surprisingly, some voice actors are wonderful singers. Check out this version of Thank You sung by the voice actors of Hisagi and Tosen. They sound almost identical to the original.

Then there’s this disaster by Aizen and Hinamori.

Aizen is just down. right. creepy. They need to make the song a key higher or something for the poor guy. I feel like he must be gasping for breath after every phrase.

My fav:

Byakuya and Renji!!! ♥

Kawaii iPhone photo app!

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I know, I know, I’m not 12 anymore…but who says one has to be little to love fiddling with cute photo effects right? ^.^ You know those Japanese photo booths where you go in and have your photo taken, then you have what seems like endless choices to decorate your photos? Super 可愛い right!!!

If you have an iPhone, check this out: DECOPIC iPhone app. No more trying to sneak into those photo booths for fear of being laughed at (seriously, I do feel rather silly using those photo booths along with high school children)! Just take a photo and use that app to add stamps, glitter, frames, and words to create a photo that looks absolutely 可愛い!

Here’s a sample of me:

Wahahahaha! There are tonnes of other cute things you can add to your photos, just don’t overdo it!

By the way–totally unrelated–what’s up with WordPress’ new look?? It’s so difficult to get to my dashboard from wordpress.com. What happened to the old user-friendly drop down menu? I want that back!!!

A proper review: Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation

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Back in July, I gave a preliminary review of Bobbi Brown’s Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation. When I wrote that post I’ve only used it for a few days so I can say that I can give a better review of it now.

By the way, I’ve again changed the color of the foundation…this time from Warm Sand to Sand, which is a shade lighter. Thank god for Sephora’s return policy. So many MUAs told me that Sand is too light, but c’mon…it’s NOT too light…it’s a perfect match to my skin! What’s with the fondness with looking tan in the face?? NOT a good look for Asians, in my humble opinion.

Anyway, on to the actual review.

Let me just begin by saying, I really really love this foundation. First of all, the texture is just amazing. It’s light and soft. It goes on very smoothly and looks natural on my face. Even with a couple of layers, it doesn’t look cakey. It doesn’t provide much coverage, so to me it’s more of a finishing layer than an actual foundation, you know? My HG finishing layer used to be Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Finish Pressed Powder (which is awesome), but it’s more, ah, powdery and can become visible on the skin if layered on.

On that note,  I still have to use concealer for blemishes, but that’s fine with me because I don’t like having a thick layer of foundation that completely covers my face anyway. You can get medium coverage if you put on a few layers, and it doesn’t look cakey. However if you want to have heavy coverage, this foundation is not for you.

Another thing I noticed is that with my daily application for close to 2 months now, there’s still a lot left in the pan. Usually my pressed powder would’ve hit pan by this time—yeah I use a lot, hehe. So even though this foundation costs slightly more than the pressed powder, if you factor in how long it lasts, it actually turns out more cost-effective in the long run.

Do I recommend this foundation? You bet!

Mascara Haul from Malaysia

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One observation…mascaras are expensive in Malaysia! If you ignore currency conversion, RM50 plus is a huge price to pay for a mascara.

Ever since I read about Majolica Majorca, I’ve been aching to get my hands on one. The Lash Expander Frame Plus, to be specific. I got one at Watson’s at Queensbay Mall. Then, I went into Sasa and surprisingly found dejavu mascaras for sale there. Remember how I had to scout on eBay for dejavu Fiberwig? It was right there, rows of them! Much as I wanted to stock up (Fiberwig is my current HG), I only got the other mascara, Lash Knockout.

I love Majolica Majorca’s packaging…it’s so pretty! I was especially intrigued by the unusual shape of the brush, too. Lash Knockout, on the other hand, looked like a middle-age version of Fiberwig. 😉

So here’s a comparison of the brushes of these 3 mascaras:

Dejavu Fiberwig

Dejavu Lash Knockout

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus

Based on their descriptions, Lash Knockout is a volumizing mascara, while Lash Expander Frame Plus is supposed to “create an eyeliner effect”. Umm, okay.

Here’s a short summary of my thoughts after using them…

Lash Knockout does add some volume to my skinny lashes, but it tends to clump more than Fiberwig. I guess it’s not a fair comparison since they’re designed to serve different purposes. The texture is pretty much the same–it goes on dry-ish and you can see the fibers clearly on the brush. I like how it’s just as easy to remove as Fiberwig. Warm water, and poof it’s gone! I find that I get the best oomph effect if I use both together.

Lash Expander…now, I have mixed feelings about this one. Texture-wise, my first impression is that it’s very wet–or I should say, watery. It looked gorgeous on my lashes, lengthened and volumized (though it leans more towards lengthening) them, but there are 2 downsides: 1) it stings my eyelids, and 2) it’s hella hard to remove! And I mean seriously difficult to remove! I tried my usual Clinique Rinse-Off Eye-makeup Solvent and it didn’t budge one bit. Then I used Estee Lauder’s Take It Away Total makeup remover, which is supposed to remove waterproof makeup, and it still took me a while to remove it! In the end I think I lost about 3 lashes in the process~ 😥 Eyeliner effect? Unfortunately it stings my eyes too much for me to try applying it too close to my eyelids, so…pffft.

So, my verdict is that Fiberwig is still my HG for everyday use, and I will combine it with Lash Knockout for special occasions. I might try Lash Expander on and off to see if it always stings, but for now it’s definitely not my go-to mascara.

Hello Hong Kong!

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Due to lame planning, I am now sitting at Hong Kong International Airport, awaiting my flight to Penang, which is scheduled to take off in 7.5 hours. All in all, I will be spending close to 10 hours in this airport. Thank goodness for free wifi and over 25 hours of Bleach anime!

The flight to KL, which I would've been on if I had planned better :p

Happy birthday to me ^.^v

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8 more minutes (and counting down as I write this post) and I will be officially 10,220 days old! I never get tired of birthdays! Turning old? Presents and cakes? Bring it on!!! ^.^