Picking up the brush(es)

I’ve taken drawing lessons since little—crayon, pastel, watercolor, inking and chalk. Ever since getting Wacom Bamboo and the many pieces of drawing software, I’ve been using just those to draw and color. Then this week my mom asked my brother to draw her a watercolor “kitchen-related” drawing.

Making a digital drawing with resolution high enough to remain clear when blown up to about 16″ x 21″ would result in a really, really big file, so he decided to go old school. So yesterday the two of us headed to Michael’s. There we learned that art supplies here are very bloody expensive!

We bought 5 brushes—granted, they’re really nice ones, a watercolor paint set (10 colors, 1 brush, and a really small plastic paint-mixing palette), paper, and a bunch of little things. Came up to $177.71!!!!! By golly, as my brother said, no wonder artists are poor! ;p

Last night we decided to play with our new toys. Here’s a sketch of Ichigo that I made:

My pencil sketch of Ichigo

My reference was Bleach Official Character Book 2 MASKED, which I just got last week. Took me a quite a while to finalize that sketch, man! I missed cmd + z sorely! I erased so much that parts of the paper became grey-ish, yikes.

Then I set out to color it. After painting it, I went over the outlines with a pen—one of those “watery-inked” ones. Next time I go to Kinokuniya in Japantown I’ll grab a couple of skinny felt pens, I think those give a more natural feel to the outlines.Using the pen as I did made the outlines came out a little flatter than I liked.

Ichigo in watercolor, sort of

Turned out okay I guess, considering how long I haven’t touched an actual brush. My complaints are Ichigo’s hair and sword. I think I still prefer using Chinese calligraphy brush as opposed to these nice synthetic fiber ones…I used to paint with calligraphy brushes last time so I’m kind of used to that.

Anyhow…I must say I really miss being able to easily manipulate different layers and not have to worry about making a wrong move and not be able to “undo” or erase it completely. It was fun, though. I might dabble with it again soon, after all I do have an $80+ investment in these toys!!!


~ by huinee on March 18, 2012.

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